What is the summer peach tour?

Fresh, hand-picked peaches delivered to your city!

Each summer, The Peach Brothers bring fresh, hand-picked peaches to cities across the East Coast and Mid-South.

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what fans are saying!

"I will definitely continue to buy peaches from The Peach Brothers as long as they continue to supply them!"

Jennifer M.

"Great and delicious peaches! [...] Already looking forward to next year's stop!"

Donna S.

"High quality fresh peaches! [...] They were AMAZING! So juicy, so sweet."

Chris M.

"My only regret is that I didn't buy more than 2 boxes!

Lori W.

"I’ve never had better peaches!"

Maria A.

The Peach Brothers were awesome; kind, cheerful, considerate...real peaches!

Leisa W.

I got a box each time they came through town. The peaches are delicious! [...] Be sure to look for them next year when they come! You’ll be glad you did!

Tracy S.

I will definitely buy again!

Esdra D. V.

I can’t begin to tell you how amazing these peaches are!

Nancy T.

Our Favorite Recipes!

peach cobbler recipe from the peach brothers

Easy Peach Cobbler

You just can't go wrong with a delicious peach cobbler! One of The Peach Brothers' favorites!

Easy Peach Cobbler Recipe!
fresh peach margarita recipe from the peach brothers

Frozen Peach Margarita

Another Peach Brothers' favorite! This margarita will be your go-to for summer get-togethers!

Frozen Peach Margarita Recipe!
fresh peach ice cream recipe from the peach brothers

Homemade Peach Ice Cream

Personally, this is our favorite way to freeze peaches! Perfect for sundaes, as well as any other day of the week!

Fresh Peach Ice Cream Recipe!