About The Peach Brothers

three smiling men who make up the peach brothers

Who are The Peach Brothers? Three friends who enjoy working alongside each other and have a deep passion for people and peaches.

The Peach Brothers began with a singular focus: to help as many people as possible experience the taste of fresh peaches. For us, there is nothing sweeter- not even the peaches- than seeing the look on a customer’s face after they take their first bite.

We tap into centuries of experience by sourcing our peaches from some of the oldest farms in the country. We understand the great amount of love and care that goes into ensuring that our customers receive nothing but the very best product. The Peach Brothers are coming to a city near you with a distinct goal: creating memorable experiences one bite at a time.


Meet Blake

profile picture of blake clark the peach brothers

Hometown: Summertown, TN

About Blake: My wife and I are expecting our first child! We love to be outside, hiking, playing with our dog, or in the kitchen cooking new foods together. I'm a nerd at heart and love reading and playing Dungeons & Dragons with my friends. One of my most important hobbies is thinking about the peach tour and how we can make it better for our customers!

Why Blake Loves Peaches: Peaches are a fruit with memories. I love hearing stories about people’s favorite moments in time that include peaches!

Why Summer Is Special: Humans thrive in sunshine. Summer makes you feel good!

Favorite Way to Taste Happiness (Eat Peaches): Just biting into a fresh, juicy peach is all I need - but if my wife makes her peach cobbler, I never turn that down! Also, you can't go wrong with a perfect peach margarita!

Favorite Peach Tour Memory: Getting to visit new places in this great country of ours, trying new foods I have never heard of, and working alongside some of the best human beings on the planet.


Meet Matty

profile picture of matt pond the peach brothers

Hometown: Nashville, TN

About Matty: I live outside Atlanta, GA currently. I enjoy playing music, trying different foods, and playing basketball in my free time. I love spending quality time with friends and family.

Why Matty Loves Peaches: Peaches taste amazing, and they have a mysterious way of bringing people together.

Why Summer Is Special: Everything. I love the outdoors, the heat, the energy, the liveliness. Summer is amazing.

Favorite Way to Taste Happiness (Eat Peaches): My favorite way to eat peaches is 4 or 5 at a time!

Favorite Peach Tour Memory: Hard to pick a favorite. I really enjoy meeting and speaking with the different customers and employees at the locations we travel to. It's one of the best parts of traveling!


Meet Bailey

profile picture of bailey howard the peach brothers

Hometown: Mt. Juliet, TN

About Bailey: I am studying finance at the University of Tennessee. When I’m not studying, I’m thinking of ways to cook, bake, and eat all my frozen peaches from the summer before!

Why Bailey Loves Peaches: There is nothing like biting into a fresh juicy peach on a hot summer's day- you simply can’t beat the experience!

Why Summer Is Special: Getting to travel the country selling a product I truly believe in and meeting all the people that come out to buy peaches from us. The only thing that might beat the taste of a fresh peach is seeing the joy our customers get when they shop with us.

Favorite Way to Taste Happiness (Eat Peaches): My grandmother Nana Bug’s famous peach cobbler!

Favorite Peach Tour Memory: It has to be beating Matty in basketball (which never happens!) on a random playground court in Boston, MA.