Frequently Asked

You have questions. We have answers (and peaches!)


Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: For safety, we only accept debit and credit cards as forms of payment.

Q: Should I bring anything to a stop to better my experience?

A: We recommend that customers bring a cart or dolly to help them carry their box if they think they will need one.

Q: How fresh are the peaches?

A: Our goal is to get the peaches in your hands as quickly as possible after being picked. The only way you'll get a fresher peach is to pull one off a tree yourself. 


Q: When will my peaches be ready to eat?

A: We recommend placing your peaches out on the counter to avoid bruising. Check them every day to know when they are ready. This process typically takes 1-4 days. If you wish to speed up this process, you can leave your peaches in a hotter environment. However, be sure to check them often.

Check them by squeezing them gently. If they are soft and can be indented easily, this indicates they are ready to eat, can, cook, or freeze.


Q: Can I refrigerate my peaches to extend their shelf life?

A: Yes, however, we recommend allowing your peaches to soften before putting them in the fridge. Please, do not put your peaches in the fridge while they are still firm. Refrigerating your peaches too early can ruin the flavor and cause them to become mealy. After they have softened, it is perfectly fine to put them in the fridge. This will extend the shelf life about a week and a half. The skin on the outside may become wrinkled, but the flesh of the peach should still be good.

Q: Are your pecans shelled?

A: Yes, they are shelled and in halves. They are also raw; perfect for cooking or snacking.

Q: Why is there a hole in the seed of my peach?

A: We call this a “split-pit”, and they are nothing to worry about. This happens when water drips down the stem of the peach while it is on the tree. The water settles at the bottom of the stem and eventually creates a hole in the seed. Don't worry, the flesh of the peach is still perfect.


Q: Are your peaches and pecans genetically modified?

A: No, our peaches and pecans are non-GMO and are GAP certified to ensure that our agricultural practices yield nothing but the best crop for our customers. Quality is the most important aspect for us.


Q: Are your peaches organic?

A: The terminology for our peaches is “minimally treated”. The only time the trees are sprayed is to save the crop. Spraying is always an emergency option.

Q: Do I have to buy 25 pounds of peaches?

A: We only sell our peaches by the 25lb. box. If you think this may be too many, we recommend sharing with a friend, cooking with your peaches, or canning/freezing them! (We have recipes and canning/freezing instructions! Go to Recipes tab!)

Q: What kind of peaches do you sell?

A: We sell yellow peaches, with over 30 different varieties throughout our tour. Each variety is ready to be picked at a certain point in the season. Personally, we think all the varieties are delicious!

Q: Where are your peaches sourced?

A: We work with some of the oldest peach farms in the country! We have learned over the years that the key to amazing peaches is to work the best farmers, and to get the peaches in your hands as quickly as possible!

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