What is the Summer Peach Tour?

the peach brothers summer peach tour fresh peaches

Each summer, The Peach Brothers bring fresh, hand-picked peaches to cities across the East Coast and Mid-South.

We pick our peaches tree-ripened, which means that the peach has been left on the tree long enough to reach maximum flavor and juiciness. Not picked too early, and not picked too late, but just right!

When you buy The Peach Brothers’ peaches, we picked them off the tree within the last day or two! Ensuring a flavor, you can’t find anywhere unless you pick the peaches yourself!

Sourcing our peaches from South Carolina and New Jersey, we tap into decades of experience by working with some of the best farms in the country.

We offer our peaches by the 25-pound box, which is perfect for eating, preserving, cooking, and sharing with friends and family!

For any additional questions, visit our FAQ page or reach out to us, and we will be happy to help!