What Makes The Peach Brothers' Peaches Special?

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the peach brothers fresh peaches

We don’t sell a special kind of peach blessed by tiny fairies or grown in exotic soil. What makes our peaches special is their freshness and our attention to the details.

When you buy The Peach Brothers’ peaches, we picked them off the tree within the last day or two! It’s not commonly known, but peaches in grocery stores usually have been in refrigerated temperatures for up to 2 weeks before you purchase them. This prolonged refrigeration can hurt fresh peaches’ flavor and texture.

The peach season starts around May and ends in September, depending on which state the peaches are grown in. Because of this, we know that peaches love to be warm!

We pick our peaches tree-ripened, which means that the peach has been left on the tree long enough to reach maximum flavor and juiciness. Not picked too early, and not picked too late, but just right!

The peaches are given an ice-cold bath at the farm to stop them from softening any further, preventing them from bruising during delivery. We then put the peaches into our trucks, which are kept at or under 55 degrees, allowing the peaches to soften slowly- not so fast that they bruise or turn to mush.

Then, we bring those peaches to you! Once the peaches are in your car, they begin to warm up again. At this point, we advise you not to refrigerate your peaches again to keep them from losing their flavor or turning mealy**. 

After you get your fresh, tree-ripened peaches home, you need to lay them on your kitchen table or counter for a few days to allow them to soften up. We know it’s tempting to eat them immediately, but patience is a virtue, and you will be thankful you waited! Each peach softens at different times, so you need to check all of your peaches by giving them a slight squeeze every day.

If your fingers leave an indent when you squeeze, grab a napkin because they are ready to eat! They’re also ready for canning, freezing, or baking! If the peaches are still pretty firm, give them another day to soften up.

**Once your peaches are soft and juicy, then refrigeration is appropriate.

Peaches are special, and we know how special they are. That’s why at The Peach Brothers, we give each peach the attention it deserves! We hope to see you this year on our Summer Peach Tour!



  • I was a little hesitant to try your peaches. They are one of my most favorite. Omg they are soo yummy thank you for sharing your peaches Love them

  • Hi Mary,
    As of 2021, we do not deliver peaches at this time!

    The Peach Brothers Staff
  • Hi Sandy,
    As of 2021, we do not deliver peaches at this time!

    The Peach Brothers Staff
  • Do you deliver to Poplar Bluff, Mo.
    If so what is the price?
    Thank you.

  • Hi… do you deliver?😉

    Sandy Fitzgerald

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