Happiness: Ask and Share

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fresh peaches with white flowers


A question worth asking yourself today: what images come to mind when someone says the word happiness? Do you think of someone you love? Someone who makes you smile? Someone who loves you? Who brings you coffee even when you didn’t ask for some?

What about your favorite place- mountains with the wind gently breezing past you? The ocean waves rushing over your feet as you search for shells? Is it a park full of fragrant flowers and laughing children?

Maybe you see things you use when pursuing a cherished pastime? Books, tools, walking shoes, your favorite music, your best fishing rod? Perhaps one of your most satisfying successes comes to mind.

Chances are you might imagine many different things depending on time, circumstance, surroundings.

And that’s a very good thing.

Happiness should spring from many aspects of our lives. Consider the happiness in your life and take time to cherish it.

Share that happiness today. Share that happiness with many people because happiness is, indeed, meant to be shared.

We hope you have a wonderful week!

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